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Jennifer Hobbs


Luova Talent Management is owned by Jennifer Hobbs. Jennifer is the mother of 3 boys in the film industry and has been a “Talent Mom” for over 15 years. Her boys have been in Commercials, Movie of the Week and Feature Film. She has learned a lot over the years and is ready to help the Okanagan’s best (and Vancouver’s) make the transition to bigger markets. Jennifer also has training in Film and TV Production and has worked for CHBC Television in Kelowna as a creative writer/producer.


Luova Talent Management will be providing principal, extras and voice over talent within the Okanagan, while bridging the gap to larger markets such as Vancouver and Calgary. Talent will always be encouraged to expand their skills and resumes to help in opening the doors to greater opportunities. With connections to a very successful former Vancouver agent, successful actors and casting directors Luova is confident in helping clients on the road to success.


Phone: 250.864.6399

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